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Functional Advantages of Warehouse Management System

As an indispensable part of enterprise development, logistics and supply chain management have always be of key values, continuing to improve and self-transcend with the fast-changing world.

Ⅰ. The Warehouse Management System make business development more efficient

With the advent of the digital era, logistics and supply chain management has been given a new mission. It needs to capture, manage and process information and business of inner enterprise, upstream and downstream enterprises as well as other external data sources. In addition, it needs to coordinate with the core systems of the enterprise, such as Warehouse Management System. Therefore, the enterprises can have stronger decision-making power, insight discovery and process optimization capabilities.

Warehouse is an important part of logistics and supply chain management. Good warehouse management is undoubtedly a great help to the improvement of logistics and supply chain management. In the development of modern enterprises, the warehouse is no longer a simple place to store goods, but also has been given a new mission. There is an urgent need for efficient and accurate completion of such operations as daily warehousing, shelving, picking, inbound,outbound, rapid data collection, real-time data updates, reasonable reduction of inventory pressure on funds, etc.

Ⅱ.  For the new Warehouse Management System model, we has the following goals

1. Improve the speed and accuracy of inbound and outbound operations and avoid long waiting time for drivers when entering and leaving the warehouse.

2. Reduce manual experience dependence and improve the speed of new employees to get started.

3. Achieve product batch traceability management to ensure product safety.

4. Inventory becomes real-time and accurate, requiring that after the completion of warehousing, inventory can be done to update the number of warehouses in real time.

5. Achieve product refinement management, avoid staff misidentification of goods and reduce operational errors.


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