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Ultralow forklift AGV

A kind of laser forklift AGV, because the height of the forklift is lower than that of other forklifts, it has this name.

  • Ultralow-forklift-AGV.jpg
  • Ultralow-forklift-AGV.jpg

Ultralow forklift AGV main parameter





Driving form

Steering gear drive

Communication mode

Wireless local area network

Guiding form

SLAM laser navigation

Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate

Running direction

Forward and bckward,rotate in place

Lifting stroke


Running speed full/empty


Warning safety

Caution light、Buzzer、Safety lamp

Positioning accuracy


Rated load


Outline dimension


Gradeability full/empty


Power supply mode

48V,Lithium battery

Turning radius


Charging mode

Automatic charging

Emergency stop braking

Less than 15mm

Safety protection

Safety touch edge+laser collision avoidance+sensor


Class 5K

Braking mode

Electromagnetic braking

Road surface fluctuation

±5mm,more than 5mm Recommended to fill asphalt ointment

Product advantage:

  • It is suitable for material handing, distribution and stacking of pallets and racks, and is ofen used in the environment of material distribution in industrial production process, transit logistics warehouse and so on;

  • Precise positioning;

  • Multi-vehicle operation,intelligent scheduling;

  • Free expansion and support for customization.

Application scenario:

  • Intelligent shelf warehouse,plane warehouse,production workshop and other inbound and outbound logistics handing;

  • Combine various types of pallets and plane warehouses to complete the automatic picking and releasing function.


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