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Automated Sorting System Improve Labor Efficiency

1. The Development Background of Auto Sorting System

With the increasing of labor costs, replacing human labor with automated sorting machines to do some repetitive high-intensive labor is an important direction of industrial 4.0 .

2. The Price Advantage of Logistics Sorting System

The advancement of computing capacity, software development technology and network technology have made the assembly, installation and maintenance of robots of automated sorting machine faster and cheaper than before. Apart from that, as the production of sorting machine robots increases, the cost of warehousing and distribution decreases, and because of the emerging economies, the robots production is encouraged to shift to lower-cost regions with robots purchasing becoming cheaper.

3. The Cost-saving of Automated Put Wall

The automated putwall sorter, stable and efficient, which improves the efficiency in operation, saves the costs of labor and management, and promotes the upgrading of factories and enterprises; the robots of automated sorting machine can realize reconstruction, automatically plan walking routes, and easily identify objects; the automated sorting machine is light and high-efficient in operation continuously, which frees 70% manual labour; the automated sorting machine can finish certain tasks for the workers such as loading, transportation, sorting, packaging and etc.


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