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Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Robot palletizing system: the intelligent and high efficient palletising equipment, with many features such as its flexible and light mechanical structure, and agile operations, etc., is obviously better than mechanical palletizer with frame. Thus the automatic case palletiser has been the wise choice of more and more factories. Now, there exist several kinds of palletizing machines, such as easy palletizer, collaborative robot palletizer, case packer palletizer, can palletizer, box palletizer machine,robotic bag palletizer machine, etc.

Robotic case packer and palletiser is a technical breakthrough in the Warehousing and Distribution System. Robotic case packer and palletiser is designed mainly for packing application, and can be conveniently integrated to compact subsequent packing link, with delicate articulated arms structure and small footprint. The palletizing equipment moves goods by swinging its arm to realize the smooth connection between infeed from last process and next palletizing, which significantly shortens packing time and improves production efficiency. Robot palletizer picks goods precisely with high precision, and its response operation is very quick. Robot palletizing operation and the drive is actualized by dedicated servo and control systems, and the robot can be repeatedly programmed by teach pendant or offline programming mode so that it can quickly switch to different palletizing modes according to different batch of products and can realize palletizing operations of multiple production lines by one robot.

  • Standard Robotic Palletizing System
  • Standard Robotic Palletizing System
  • Standard Robotic Palletizing System
  • Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Specification of Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Lisen Automation Palletizing Robot

Model brand

ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kuka

Packing type in palletizing

Bag packing goods, carton packing goods

Palletizing method

According to the customer request

Palletizing speed


Applicable pallet max. size



Palletizing height


Palletizing weight



Splint, fork, sucker, and others

Palletizing memory capacity

Standard capacity is 30 types, most capacity is 400 types(free choice)

Application Scenarios of Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Scenario 1

High speed palletizing robot uses high-speed grippers especially for PP woven bag in the process of high-speed handling of PP woven bags. The high speed palletizer machine in the palletizing system has 4 degrees of freedom, with a small body, slender and flexible arms.

Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Scenario 2

For light carton packing products, the high speed palletizing robot handles them by cooperating with the sponge sucker gripper. In the sponge sucker, the sponge is highly adaptable and durable, and the sponge sucker doesn’t need to be adjusted when it sucks different boxes, even applicable for a rough or uneven surface. The automatic induction switch of the sponge sucker makes it possible to automatically close the untouched one-way valve whether the sucker picks the entire layer or part or a single piece of the pallet goods so that one set of gripper can be common.

Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Scenario 3

For heavy carton packing goods, the sucker gripper equipped in carton palletizing system robot is produced with bottom support, so the carton goods can be held by the bottom support after they are sucked, which well guarantees the safety and reliability of handling and palletizing.

Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Advantages of Standard Robotic Palletizing System

  • With powerful calculation function and high precision operation, robot can quickly pack goods in carton, palletize and de-palletize the packed goods.

  • In production line, the robot for packing, palletizing and de-palletizing work, can be set flexibly to palletize the goods for two or more productions lines at the same time, is the best choice for palletizing work in the end of production line. Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, offers customized palletisers for sale.

  • Servo motor, PLC and frequency converter are top quality products, which makes sure the reliability and long life of system hardware.

  • The combination of high quality hardware and dedicated control software designed by specialists realizes the high level of automation of system. The perfect safety interlock system can well protect equipment and operators.

  • The excellent technology, stable and reliable products, perfect service of robotic palletizer manufacturer can completely improve automation level of factory.

Advantages of Standard Robotic Palletizing System

Application Industries of Standard Robotic Palletizing System

  • Food industry

  • E-commerce industry

  • Daily chemical industry

  • Logistics warehouse industry

  • Other industries


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