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The project of "Research on double tilttray intelligent logistics sorting technology and equipment industrialization" has successfully passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

On June 26, 2021, Guangdong Measurement Control Technology and Equipment Application Promotion Association and Guangzhou Institute of Instrumentation jointly Organized and held the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of the project "double tilt-tray intelligent logistics sorting technology research and equipment industrialization" completed by Lisen Automation. Affected by the recent epidemic, the cross regional flow of personnel is reduced. This scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting is conducted online and offline, and the appraisal team and the project participate online


Xue Jiaxiang, Secretary General of Guangzhou Institute of instrumentation, presided over the meeting. The appraisal committee was composed of 7 experts from South China University of technology, Guangdong Institute of machinery, Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Sciences, Guangzhou University, Guangdong Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, Guangdong University of technology, Guangdong high-end manufacturing equipment Association innovation center and other units.


Huang Jianman, general manager of automated sorting division of Lisen automation group, reported in details to the expert group of the appraisal meeting about the R & D, technical indicators and user market report of the project of "Research on double till-tray intelligent logistics sorting technology and equipment industrialization"


Double tilt-tray intelligent logistics sorting


The double tilt-tray intelligent logistics sorting technology and equipment is a set of logistics sorting solutions independently developed by Lisen Automation. The equipment adopts a tray bearing structure and is composed of multiple "one vehicle, two trays" turntable trolleys, 3D visual recognition system and transmission devices. It covers less land, has accurate sorting and high efficiency. The theoretical sorting efficiency can reach 41600 pieces per hour and the double-layer efficiency can reach 83200 pieces per hour.



The tilt-ray sorter can be compatible with the sorting of special-shaped and light and thin parcels. It can be widely used in the automatic and rapid sorting occasions of various logistics distribution centers such as logistics warehousing, express delivery, postal service and customs, which greatly increases the added value and competitiveness for intelligent logistics sorting.


The project of "Research on double tilt-tray intelligent logistics sorting technology and equipment industrialization" has applied for 2 invention patents, 2 PCTs, 13 utility model patents and 3 software copyright registrations, and has independent intellectual property rights. At present, the project has been successfully applied in many logistics sorting solutions. The products have been tested by a third-party inspection organization, and the inspected items meet the requirements of relevant standards, get friendly feedback from users, improve the intelligence and automation of the industry, and create significant economic and social benefits.


International advanced level


The experts of the appraisal committee listened to the report carefully and finally formed the appraisal conclusion of scientific and technological achievements after heated discussion: they agreed that the achievements of the project were innovative and reached the international advanced level in the comprehensive design and application of intelligent logistics double tilt-tray sorting equipment, and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.


Jiang Shiyuan, vice president of Lisen Automation group, delivered a concluding speech on behalf of Lisen Automation. He expressed great gratitude to the experts of the appraisal group for their rigorous evaluation and valuable opinions on the project of "double tilr-tray intelligent logistics sorting technology research and equipment industrialization". The company will also take this opportunity to strengthen the promotion and application of the project, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and actively return to the industry and society.



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